How Investing in Art Can Greatly Boost Productivity in the Workplace

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In the past, employees working in countless businesses and corporations have surrendered to plain, boring, bare, white walls void of any life or interest. These days, however, things are starting to change.

CEOs and business owners alike are starting to realize just how important decorating and restyling the workplace with fine art can be. Just last year, experts discovered that more than 90% of all employees deemed art as one of the primary motivators behind increased productivity in their overall work performance, while over 85% openly agreed that fine art in the workplace and decor is relevant and necessary in the workplace of today.

There are several benefits and reasons for displaying attractive art in the workplace, but here are a few of the best.

Creative Inspiration

Installing and displaying innovative art can actually lead to more innovative ideas. Employees feel a greater sense of motivation and inspiration working in an office that visually illustrates innovation and creativity – art is the channel to accomplish that.

While there are several opinions behind this theory, most administrators believe it’s innately related to value, and the awareness of value. Therefore, displaying art in a work environment encourages all-around value and boosts morale; not only in the employees themselves, but in the way they actually work and create new and inspiring ideas.

A Good First Impression Speak Volumes

How many times have you heard the phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words?” Indeed, a strategically placed piece of striking art on an otherwise bland and boring wall offers interest and even comfort to those who view it. For instance, waiting for test results in a medical office can be nerve-racking to say the least. But, a particularly beautiful or unique piece of framed art on the wall can easily take your mind off your worries.

Elegant art also conveys a sense of class and refinement. Perhaps more importantly, it shows that the managers of the office care about their patrons and clients enough to speak to them on some level through the medium of art.

Art is Cool

Simply put, art is “in”. Actually, it’s always been “in” and likely always will be. More than ever, managers want to create a more exciting, fun work environment in order to bring out the best in their staff. Bare white walls are so cold and dreary, while rooms and halls lined with interesting and thought provoking art makes an otherwise boring workspace come to life.

This is really where it counts to select only the most unique and interesting art pieces since one-of-a-kind displays will make a profound impact on both the employees and clientele and create a pleasing memory as well.

Convey a Message

One key and profound aspect of art, is its inherent and subtle ability to convey a message, especially in a high end corporate setting where values and principles are greatly respected. The art piece itself can be something very simple in nature or complex, depending on the employer’s outlook. For example, a company that wants to impart a more family-oriented feeling might display something along the lines of a traditional painting, while a highly ambitious, fact-paced company could line their walls with a collage of intricately bold art.
Choosing Art

Instead of spending endless hours trying to pick and choose various art pieces to display, and spending a great deal of money buying them, rental services offer a wide variety of carefully designed art collections to choose from that are geared towards the workplaces of today. Fine Art Rental suggests stimulating your workplace with inspiring focal points and conversation pieces.

Renting fine art works great for corporate purposes such as business meetings and conferences and will create a more mentally stimulating atmosphere. Rather than displaying pieces from mass produced suppliers often seen in places like office supply stores, choose art that has real meaning and substance instead. If you’re going to do art, do art right. Unique art creates more impact on the eye of the beholder.

Whether you’re considering buying or simply renting art for your work environment, either way it will greatly improve the ambiance and overall morale for all who view it.

About the Author

Miles Wiseman is a writer and blogger from Brisbane who takes particular interest in finance, business, and employment. He writes about the job search and career progress.